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5 Hottest Web Design Trends You Gotta Know for 2017
5 Hottest Web Design Trends You Gotta Know for 2017
By Admin


Web designs influence the website’s popularity to a great extent. A catchy website with amazing content and easy to use will be an instant hit among the users quite easily. But if the page takes a time to load or has boring content or is not responsive, people will never come back to visit it. There’s way too much competition and way too many websites to attract the attention of customers. To top it all, frequently changing technology and a volatile market adds to the woes of the marketing team! Here’s a quick insight into some major influencers that can help you capture the attention of potential customers and retain them longer.


Responsive Designs are a must


Our generation has seen the most number of devices of all sizes from the supercomputers that took up an entire room to microprocessors that are hardly as big as a fingertip! People are now shifting focus from laptops to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. These devices come in different sizes and shapes and hence, catering individually to each device will not be practical. Responsive designs are the solution which takes care of the content and displays it according to the device’s screen size.


Amazing Content


Content remains the king and will continue to reign in the coming years too. Catchy content is a must to retain the customers on your site for longer as it helps to build a stronger rank and better placement in SERPs. Content will include text, images, infographics, audio, and video. Colour-coordinated and lighter version of content that will load easily over slower networks too will be appreciated among the users. If you want your website to be attractive, do not neglect the content part.


Modern Retro


How the website looks, the color, the feel, and the way content is presented, all make a lasting impression on the users. Once there was this totally black & white text which soon became boring. Then there were colors, but such simple ones so that the customer did not get distracted from the message intended. The modern-retro look is definitely something to look forward to. The highlights of the page show up in bright colors that are more noticeable in a retro backdrop which is a little dull. This is an intentional look that can give more importance to the highlights.




Chat bots were the talk of 2016. Micro-interactions include the minute ways in which the page responds to the user’s interactions with the website. The small descriptions that get visible as one moves the pointer over the small images, the personalized recommendations displayed and the simple nuances that surprise as well as delight the customer will be more noticed and preferred by the customers.


Outstanding User Experience


Ultimately what matters more is that the user is retained longer in the website wherein the conversion is more probable and easier. A simpler user experience will include pages that are easier to navigate or that involve minimal navigation and minimal response time. This added with the other elements, will make your website all set to rank number one in terms of traffic and well as conversion.


The best website will be one that reflects what the customer is exactly looking for from your brand. Catchy design elements along with sensible content will make website design very effective. Change is something that you cannot escape and hence, keep vigil on the changing market trends to retain the customers and sustain the competitive market.


About the Author: MANJU  is a Content Writer at Code9 Technologies, a Web design company in Cochin, Kerala. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading. She also works on some freelance marketplaces like Walk in Medical clinic Calgary.

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