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How to Boost Your UX with Clear Visual Hierarchy
How to Boost Your UX with Clear Visual Hierarchy
By Admin


Any product needs a brilliant advertiser, and in today’s online digital world- we have fabulous advertising agencies to promote the product, its logo, its banners and all of it. But how do you direct people to visit a particular page or app? That is where visual hierarchy comes into the picture. Let’s see the crucial role that visual hierarchy plays on the life of UX.

With over ten million websites, social media pages, images screaming for attention, how do we settle on a special few? How do we comfortable with just a handful of websites? Well, that is the magic of visual hierarchy!

When you consider the web design process, it is a visual hierarchy that helps people focus on actions or content that needs more attention than the rest of the webpage. Visual hierarchy guides people to notice and absorb certain information. When this technique is used in print design, or an app or even web page; ultimately it helps in bringing out one of the best optimal viewer experiences that a web visitor would ever have had in life.


When did the Visual Hierarchy begin?

Turning back to the early days of visual hierarchy, history reflects that it had been used during the times when print was the most important of media, content, awareness, and advertisement. It is a fact that visual hierarchy does aid in taking virtual designs to the next level.


Gear up your UX via Clear Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy guides people toward content or actions of importance. It determines the order in which people take in and process the information on a page, irrespective of whether it’s a web page, web app, or even print design. It’s a vital part of creating an optimal user experience.

There are many techniques that UX experts use to channelize the effect of visual hierarchy on digital products, thus helping customers experience the virtual world in a seamless manner. To get the most optimal results in web development, the SMART methodology will be used.

To give you a better picture, you must realize that when a person enters a webpage, they roughly take about 15 seconds to scan the content, color, and image. If they are able to follow the website and feel it is reliable, then they would stay on the site and move over to other pages. That is the game of visual hierarchy. The idea is to grab the attention of the viewer in a silent and captivating manner.

After SMART methods, another point that you must keep in mind through the web design process is the brand objectives.  Depending on how the brand is portrayed, people will remember the brand, product, and USP through the designs.


Four Basics to sync visual hierarchy with the web design process

Once you set the objectives, you need to set the visual language and visual hierarchy rankings right. It is the visual language that showers beauty and life on the website. Once the design plan is set, we need to move towards the visual hierarchy process.


First, know the composition: This indicates that the layout during the web development process should be outlined. Make an idea about where the high ranking elements should be positioned. In this segment, the designer should figure out various template layouts to cater to many different types of scenarios.  It is best that the designers do this in a step by step manner of the web design process, as later on they would not miss any of these vital points.

It is advised that few mockups design be figured out within the design system file along with UI symbols and patterns. Once this broad outline is developed, then the inner variants of the UI have to be set up.


Second, the UI elements are to be considered. Designers will need to have an eagle’s view on their UI as it forms the foundations of any website development process. Here, now writing styles, images, color combinations, symbols, layouts, and even the expressions and voice tones need to be considered and planned out.


Third, is the art of simplicity! Do not stuff the webpage with lots of content and images, as it will look cluttered and confusing. Instead, make use of white space appropriately and this improves a lot of focus on the center of the page. So, including apt headlines, call to action buttons and important links at crucial positions of the webpage can be practiced.


Fourth is to give it a makeover. Just like our homes and wardrobe needs a quick makeover from time to time- so does a website or app. This is a part of web development and a must to keep their regular visitors expecting more novelty.


To sum up

In short, the more elaborate the visual hierarchy process is done during the web design process; this will facilitate a better customer experience. Visual Hierarchy can be incorporated into the web development and design process to enhance the professional website experience. With clear visual hierarchy , it improves the quality of UX, as well facilitates a workflow that is sustainable. The web design process attains more focus and people were to move around within the website.





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