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Significance Of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly
Significance Of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly
By Admin


Smart? Yes, we are Smart. We live in a smart century of Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Smart TV, etc. Development of smart gadgets laid the pillar stone for a smart world. A few years back internet accesses were limited to computers and laptops as there were no other devices to access it. But today we make use of internet in a number of smart devices, which means computers are being replaced by smart gadgets. Advancement of smartphones and tablets play an important role in building up a smart world. Today we depend on smartphones for vast daily needs like shopping, banking, bill payments, etc. A massive shift of peoples from desktop platform to mobile platform is visible around us i.e. at present, for browsing internet, mobiles are the primary devices and computers are the secondary. Here arises the need for a development of a mobile-friendly website.


How to become a Mobile Friendly Website?


A mobile friendly website is nothing but an optimized form of a desktop website with better web design and readability in mobile screens. As we know, mobile screens are much smaller than desktop screens; therefore a mobile-friendly website should be small enough to fit a size of mobile screens. User interface and contents of mobile websites should be simple and easily understandable. Font sizes, navigation between tabs, security, etc. should also be primary concerns.


Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website


Recent studies show that more searches on today take place on a mobile compared with desktop and that’s the key point for the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Let us analyze some importance of mobile-friendly websites:


Mobile a Must, Not a Need


Today mobile is a must and not a need. Mobiles are now a part of our daily personal and professional life. Therefore it is very much needed to develop mobile friendly platforms as the mobiles hold the future.


Update to an Upgrade


Development of websites made a breakthrough for an upgrade from traditional offline methods to modern online technologies. Website first developed was a desktop website and recently it updated in form of mobile friendly websites. Mobile friendly websites witnessed a huge welcome from users and keep on increasing day by day.


On-The-Go Searches


We are on the move in a century where computers are being rapidly replaced by mobile devices. Improvements in mobile technologies and an increase in connectivity speed attract users to the mobile platform. The main advantage of having a mobile device is its mobility itself i.e. you can access the world of the internet from anywhere you are but desktop limits its application to a fixed place as it cannot be carried out. When you make a search from mobile, search engines displays your website in the first page only if it is mobile friendly, if not your website will be pushed to list on last.


Time and Data Saver


The mobile website seems to be simple and speedier than the desktop versions. No one likes to waste a lot of time behind a slow loading desktop website. Mobile friendly websites not only saves time but also helps in minimizing the data usage, which is one of the primary concerns of mobile users.


Newer the Higher


A mobile friendly website will help in improving the ranking of a website. Attractive and regularly updated websites can lead a user to frequent revisits and suggestion to others which take ranking to a higher level.


The bond between business and website can never be separated. Websites are the working agents of businesses who invite the peoples to be a part of it. A well-optimized website can catch up people’s interest and attract them, so it is very much important to have a website to go on with business. Having a website can never bring success rather it should be well maintained and updated with latest trends.

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