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Web design trends 2016, Making sites more effective
Web design trends 2016, Making sites more effective
By Admin


Are you willing for 2016? Let’s bring on the web design trends. We’re already midway through 2016, and we’ve seen many trends come and go. Design trends often span several years (even decades for some types of design), but Web design is a swiftly going and remodeling industry where trends come and go entirely repeated.

Let’s take a look back at well-to-do trends of the year with an eye towards the future.


Fascinating storytelling


Humankind has always used stories to convey ideas and share information. Stories trigger parts of your brain .that simple reality and figures do not. On websites, storytelling generates more engaging and indelible website content.


This storytelling tackle has been cuddle by sites like medium and by many web writers who are now using stories to better convey important details, information, and gripping data. When using storytelling in your approachable website, some basic tips to follow include:


Hook readers speedy and make sure that you have a strong opening that falls above the fold on all viewports so that readers see it promptly.


Ensure line lengths for your story are optimal for both large and small screens. Lines that are too long are hard one heavy to follow, while the line that is too short break the flow of normal reading. Strive for a range between 60 to 75 characters per line and regulate font sizes as needed to attain the best results.


Use visuals where suitable to highlight the story, but be mindful of file sizes and ensure fast downloads on all devices.

Lacking is more


Many SEO and website experts have long advocated that “bigger is better.”


Their argument is that a site with lots of pages has the best possibility to rank for wide differences of key terms. The problem with creating strangely dense websites is that they can be puzzling for people to use and they can be difficult to keep updated. Outmoded pages and content are often left omitted, creating sites that are inflated and no longer relevant.


When you think about loading the content on smaller devices, you can imagine the serviceability night-terrors that ensues.

Patterns everywhere


 When an approach becomes well-liked and commonly used, like responsive web design has, patterns will frequently begin to appear.


The worth in using a good web design pattern to decode a problem is that users will be well known and agreeable with your provision.The downside to using accepted patterns is that if everyone uses the same approach, websites starts to look very much the same and design uni-likeness is lost. You must weigh the benefit of using a confirmed pattern opposition to the downside of not being able to design something new and distinctive.

Card Arrangements


One of the most favored design trends today is is card layout or card design. Popularized by Pinterest, the card layout has become a commonly used method to presenting easily searchable blocks of content on a website.


Card layouts are very stunning when notifying the UX for responsive websites. Because these cards excellently break content down into smaller blocks, those blocks can then be more easily repositioned for different screen sizes and layout requirements.

Hidden menus


Another UI pattern sample that has been accepted for many years is the unseen menu. From drop-down and take-off menus that are disclosed on hover to the ill-famed, hidden menus are used to save space while still generating that menu option accessible to a site’s visitors.


While the sake of saving space on a responsive design is indisputable, there have been a number of people who have declared against the practice of unseen menus. Menus that are hidden to save space are less likely to be operated than those that are regularly shown.

Big hero pictures versus no hero pictures


The hero image trend is completing fascinating. Many sites use enormous hero images that span all width and height of a screen. Other sites have taken the correct opposite resemble hero images, rejecting their use totally and preferring favoring only bold colors and rich typography in their place.


About the Author: ANAKHA is a Content Writer at Code9 Technologies , a Web design company in Cochin, Kerala.

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