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Web Development Services

web Development services
Best Web Development Services

web Development services

Web Development Services ‘Customer is the King’ at Code9 and for our clients! Our creative team works such that our creations not only satisfy our customers, that is you, but beyond that, your customers too. From brochures to complex online applications, our team engaged in Web development Cochin is capable of creating practical solutions that assure quality deliverables.

We offer complete online solutions to our customers as our services stretch beyond Web development Cochin and that’s the reason many of our clients prefer us, Code9, as their development partner to marketing agencies. Our users are beyond our clients, in fact, our users are your users and we aim at their satisfaction. We make sure that your customers love what you offer.

While we insist on using the latest technologies for Web development Cochin, we also ensure that your team is able to manage them easily. Our tech-savvy team comprises of experts in Typo3, OpenCart, WordPress and many such performance-oriented technologies. Our expertise in Open Source Coding ensures that while your websites use the latest technologies, the cost remains on a check. We make sure that you leverage on the contributions from expert tech-savvy developers from across the world while you cut down on the cost aspect using Open Source.

Some of the services offered by Code9 web development Cochin are:

Service Details

Corporate Website

Code9 is a corporate web design company offering cutting edge corporate website solutions with aesthetic style, dynamic multimedia animation, content management system and SEO marketing. We deliver multimedia website solutions all over the globe. Regardless of the nature of the organization, we deliver, deploy and manage websites of high custom quality for corporate and small business clients who wish make a return on the internet solution investment.

Our main focus when building a corporate website is on complementing your brand and makes sure your site sells most. Each company has a unique identity and we help to provide information architecture, images, site copy and related collateral to match your company. Your company’s website is a platform which projects your image on an international platform. Our team goes in depth to understand your business logics and goals and by using all the relevant information we create user interfaces which display your web and your site get the reputation it deserve.

We have designed and maintained custom made corporate website for many corporate companies which helped them to grow by successfully advertising their presence online. We offer a unique and result oriented approach towards web designing. Corporate website design always demand a detail study of existing business trends and one should be aware about the expectation from the web site. Classification of target audience along with their preferences and the character of the website within the present business model are the two main factors which should be kept in mind while creating the site.

We understand that providing a standardized web site design to all companies is truly unwise and therefore we create unique impressive designs, produce interactive marketing campaigns, and build web applications that will work effortlessly. If you wish to upgrade your brand to the next level, or launch a campaign which can generate revenue, do contact us now…..

Service Details

Content Managed Website

A content management system (CMS) is vital for the easy management of new content creation and submission. CMS is a program or an application used to maintain a website without having a proper knowledge on programming languages. With our CMS services your staff can update or upload electronic content very easily. Efficient data storage is possible through our CMS. Whether it is documents, audio and video files or technical information or pictures, everything is easily manageable through our CMS systems.

Our professional web development experts will take efforts to hand over each and every single page of your website so that you can add or modify your website as and when required. Content management system is very necessary to maintain dynamic websites. You can manage blogs, images, image description and most importantly the content of your website through CMS without having to obtain technical training.

In order to get high ranking to your website, particularly in Google, fresh and informative content is very essential. And CMS has a significant role in ranking. Our content management system not only helps easy uploading of data but also helps to contribute data much faster. You can store data easily and it leads to better data retrieval. We provide our clients with the most convenient Content management system. The benefit of having an own CMS system is no expense of a highly priced programmer to update your website. The CMS is more convenient one for any business as it allows you to maintain your website anytime from anywhere in the world. It is essential to update the website to keep them most relevant in the industry. We offer user friendly navigation system which allows you to log in from any secured connection and update the content of your website. You need not wait for a third party webmaster for that.

Our CMS system works in combination with your web browser and helps you to manage all aspects of your site. Content management system works the same as MS Word and therefore your staff can also easily manage it.

Service Details

Ecommerce Website

E commerce is a new generation business strategy which is growing day by day. As the number of people purchasing through internet is increasing day by day, e commerce web design and development is increasingly important for any business aiming to be successful on internet. We offer our clients with the promotional services of e commerce web sites so that they can make their online business more profitable. As you know websites acts as a primary hub of information that updates the visitor’s knowledge with much new information. So it is essential to promote your website so that people could know about your website and you get visitors accordingly. Through our e commerce solutions you are sure to get thousands of satisfied customers.

We provide customized e commerce solution which will help to accomplish your business goals. Our team understands that each and every business is unique in its own style and so we offer a wide range of customized e commerce website design services which will suit your requirements. Through an e commerce website, you not only display your products and services but it also reflects your reputation. So in Code9 We first understand your business and then implement the strategy which will result in easy navigable high quality e commerce websites. We develop unique solutions for your company to sell your products. We aim to ensure an easy platform to online users and thereby assuring a secured shopping experience. The shopping cart permits the visitor to make a purchase from your website instantly through credit card. Our e commerce web developers ensures that the buyers visiting your website enjoys an excellent shopping experience by integrating best payment gateways and your buyers keep on returning to your online shopping website again and again .

Service Details

Blog Setup

Code9 undertake complete blog consulting and marketing services for any type of organizations and brands. Our understanding of search engines and blog marketing has resulted in the creation of a winning blog marketing strategy for many clients.

As internet has penetrated to all parts of the globe, blogs offers a very effective marketing opportunity. Our team with their experience and expertise will understand your business model, finds relevant domains and assist you to plan an effective implementation program which will yield results. Regardless of the nature, we will empower your business by implementing an effective blog strategy, systematic blog optimizations and marketing will be done and the results will be measured through blog analytics.

How we do :

Blogs are a good way of advertising about your business as they are search engine friendly. Key word rich content development, media submission and social marketing are the blog techniques we adapt to accelerate your business growth. An effective content will catch the attraction of the publications, blogs and forums. We distribute articles to publications in a systematic way and our expert team will create, maintain and strengthen social media presence in most popular sites.

In order to experience profitable commercial activity, blogs should get greater visibility on internet and unless it attracts good traffic, your efforts at blogging are going to waste. There lies the importance of engaging a professional company to create and manage your blog. With more business starting to go online for success, it is vital to gain a clear edge over your competitors or you might get left behind in the race. We will help you in managing this precious marketing SEO tool and you can be sure that you grow even faster in future.

Service Details

Custom Web Development

If you have a custom requirement apart from the open source application development, let us know your requirement in detail. Our engineers will analyze the requirement and will give you an estimate based on that. Please fill this form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Service Details

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance can help in giving a different look to your website so that it ranks high in the search engines. It includes implementing and resizing the images, replacing the website content with the latest and updated information, checking all the links if they are all performing the desired functions with any errors or exceptions, retouching the images and the graphic designs. We offer cost effective maintenance and updating of your existing website whenever the need arises.

For the web designer teams can offer this web maintenance job with in a given time frame. We even maintain the existing websites in an efficient way. If the client desires to add few more pages or links in the site, we show our ease to accommodate the necessary changes without modifying the existing layout. We can also maintain your website effectively without the help of your Previous Web Design Companies.

If you want the web maintenance services for a dynamic website, we are ready to update the required fields of your website. Our dynamic website maintenance services include content modification, product pricing updates, catalogue modification etc. Shopping cart can be modified or upgraded by us in an efficient manner. We can also make changes to your Content Management System pages. The software, modules and other components needs to upgrade regularly. We handle website redesign service to display the content in a simpler format. So that you can edit content and images easily.

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