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5 Things That Scare Us About SEO Services for Local Business
5 Things That Scare Us About SEO Services for Local Business
By Admin

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the lifeline of businesses. If you want an online presence, you need SEO. If you want website traffic, you need SEO. If you want better leads, you need SEO. If you need more conversions, you need SEO. The local businesses tend to overlook the SEO process thinking it is required only for online businesses and multi-location businesses. But the fact remains that they can make better use of SEO to increase, footfalls at their local business premises. They tend to worry about some critical issues with SEO that can be fatal to their existence such as:


The Purpose


When a company approaches an SEO service provider for a specific purpose, such as marketing a specific campaign, increasing your site’s traffic, increasing your social media connection or better customer engagement, that becomes the purpose of the SEO. Since the SEO team works in different sections with different people handling different aspects of SEO, even a slight miscommunication can end up not serving the purpose.






Once the job is taken up, the different aspects of SEO work together to bring your website more traffic or whatever else is the purpose. This communication of purpose and getting to use feedback frequently are important to make sure SEO does not mismatch.




Teamwork is very important when a group of people is working together to achieve the same goal. But this will work out only when every person in the team has the same goal in mind. Only when they work together as a team, they will be able to join hands and align their activities with the ultimate goal or the Purpose.


Mismatched Keywords


For SEO involves different methods such as Blogs, Social media updates, Press Releases, etc. it is important that the keywords used for all such media are the same.  Since SEO is always done for the Keywords, it is important that the keywords match for it to serve the purpose.


Mismatched Priorities




When you have different groups of people working on different aspects of SEO, there’s a possibility that the purpose is mismatched. While the content writer concentrates on bringing in leads, the social media marketer is looking for more likes for the page. This is clearly a mismatch of priorities which will turn out to be disastrous.


Spamming, getting Blacklisted and Negative publicity


Many small-time SEO service providers end up spamming the links on popular social media networks. This will have grave effects on your brand which damages its brand identity. When the SEO service provider is using black-hat SEO practices to bring in leads within a short time, it might bring you some interesting number for people. But the reverse side is that your website has more chances of getting blacklisted by Google and other search engines. Many SEOs consider negative publicity as the means to publicity. But the negative publicity has many perils including damaging your brand image. SEOs need to be careful to make sure that they sparingly use the negative publicity.


The small local businesses sometimes find these aspects of SEO way too complicated and shy away from this amazing aspect of reaching out to more people.


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