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Factors That Affect the Success OF Your Website Redesign
Factors That Affect the Success OF Your Website Redesign
By Admin


When you pledge a website redesign it can be enticing to rush in with the intensity of new possibilities. Both are aesthetically and from a business, perspective is the prime fact of a redesign. It is to be aligned for the process of successful if the new website is to issue a high recur on investment. Have to undertake a detailed review of your existing website and evaluate your content, analytics, and calls to sight how effectively each is currently appearing. To analyze your redesign attempt with the following five key fact areas will help to develop a cohesive plan and ensure your re-design is a victory.




Is your website content isn’t making an instantly clear and the visitors may never meet your business expectations. You have to plan a website redesign, and then your content will be one of your first and best considerations. The best way to place a start is preparing a content audit, picking the stock of current assets i.e.; web pages, articles, videos, files, images, FAQ’s and so on. If you did this look what details is missing and also what needs to be worked for. An undertaking which pages most guests is looking for and ensuring that these are re-equipped to convert and drive revenue. This can be reached through the Landing Page report in Google Analytics. Making content by the first comprehension what works and what doesn’t on your current site that ensures to make informed decisions.


Customer Driven Design


Guests are frequently judged how a website looks for and evaluate its content if they don’t like your design or are confused by it, they will leave. That’s why design plays a great role in guest’s perception of your business and it’s trusted. By using heat maps and tools such as Crazy Egg, will help you to know how people interact with your website, where you make changes that higher the conversions. The redesign is a chance to interact with your customers and get feedback, finding out what is important to them. Also, help to supervise expectations as what to wish from the new design.




Nowadays, mobile device usage to be rise. It’s more important to optimize your website with all the platforms, to attract the visitors. Responsive design is a website, built to shield its content and edifice scale well on all devices, providing an effective user experience. Undertaking a responsive site to your redesign has long term benefits, it omits the need for a mobile site, and makes managing content quicker and easier


Social Media Integration


Usage of social media networks is the very core of your websites. This will allow you to get potential users and higher the reach of your websites. Social media and website work seamlessly together, providing users with fresh, relevant and consistent updates. It makes easier for the users to connect with your website to all your social media platforms. Provide landing pages, blog posts and product and service pages, social share and plug-in for the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.


Speed and Performance


Speed comes to designing a website, it’s a feature now. Re-using the current structure is not enough; performance should be the start of the planning phase. A low-speed website means you’re losing users on a regular basis; it affects your search engine rank. So ensure that to manage speed and performance to make your site quicker.


A redesign is a brand new code which is possible for a new platform, and a chance to build a structure that will provide flexibility as you grow.



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