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How even great Web designers can kill SEO!!!
How even great Web designers can kill SEO!!!
By Admin

We all know that SEO can work wonders boosting your web traffic and return on investment. But have you ever wondered why there’s a rift between the Web design elements and SEO? In fact, if the SEO elements are not carefully designed, a website with the best of design and SEO elements separately can fail miserably! Make sure that the following points are well taken care of by your web designers or else, it might kill your SEO goals:


Title, Heading and Image tags




The designers have to provide the tags for Title, Heading and Image’s alt etc. Meta and short descriptions are crucial for SEO since these are displayed along with your website link in the SERPs. It is based on the Meta, Title and description that prospective customers decide on clicking your link or not. The Title, Heading and Image alt tags influence SEO and SERP page rankings.


Too many and too Large Images


Using images is a great way to attract customers. But then, if your page is all about images, it may take forever to load. Like heavy multimedia files, large images also may get very heavy. Moreover, you cannot SEO with just images. You need text content too with which you can attract customers as well as search engines.


URL Structure




The website’s URL structure also decides upon its impact on the customers. Broken links should be removed and a hierarchical URL structure can be implemented which will be easier for the user to follow. You can set the redirects to the new pages in a single 301 redirect repository which will turn out to be a safer bet.


Web Security


The moment you have some vulnerable design elements in your website, it is automatically blocked by the user’s antivirus / anti-spam software. This also does not help SEO.



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