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How to make money as a designer
How to make money as a designer
By Admin

Talent is a rare piece of an asset these days, and if you are the creative kind you are truly blessed! But apart from talent, you need to know the nitty-gritty tips on how to cash on your talent. If you are in such a dilemma, then this blog is especially for you!

If you need to exist in the world of business, you need to know how to pull the right strings at the right time, so here’s how the game goes.  We have 8 glorious steps lined up for you.  Remember one thing: If your backgrounds works (research) are up to date, you are ready to get on stage and shine out!


 #8: Get your portfolio in order

Okay, you first need to get the clutter out of your frame. Just keep what is really good to show others. Possibly, your early days’ work may not that professional, so stash them in your private files. Arrange a few really cool ones in your portfolio. This is what you need to show your clients, so let that speak for itself!!


#7: Set your charges as per your real worth

Most designers actually do not know the worth of their styles. Each designer is unique in their own way. It is you, and only you who can decide the price for your services. Of course, if you are a newbie, then it is best you work in a company, know the nuances of business, and then step out on your own feet. You see, everyone would love to get your work done at the cheapest rates. Nothing to find fault about it!  But, you need to specify your worthiness in terms of a rate. In this world of business, clients are ready to pay a few more bucks for real awesome talent.


#6: Advertise the Pro in you

No use, if the world does not know about your talent. So, spill the beans out into the world! Your potential is not supposed to be cocooned in your laptop, or your room. You need to speak about it, go for forums, social meetups and speak up. During, this time that you need to showcase your portfolio, as nothing beats such golden proof of your expertise.


#5: Spruce up your Linkedin profile

Okay, many designers think that Linkedin is no place for them. But that is not true. It is a place where real professional talents get together. And you are a part of this cycle. No business is successful with more logos, cards, colors, right!! So, get out there, exhibit your portfolio on your Linkedin profile and see how people come asking for your services. This is a world where visuals make all the first impressions. And, today, it is a designer who makes a project look extra sexy and pretty, so go for it, and revamp or create your Linkedin world of connections. Plus, let us remind you that Linkedin is considered as a reliable platform, so your presence in that- will do you heaps of good!


#4: Shell out on top-notch tools

Make sure you learn the best of the tools in designing like Photoshop to be a true pro. Keep a bit of HTML and CSS under your sleeve and clients will love a person who can manage development cum designing! Next, tools like ShortStack will aid in planning your projects and record each designing milestone in a systematic manner.


#3: Templates are hot sellers always

If you are one who has a great eye for detailing layouts, then templates are the best choice. Try building your own niche in UL designs, brand portfolios, company guides, and magazine layouts. If you do know how to mix and match colors, and shapes and pass striking messages across- template business can be your most reliable baby!


#2: Define your product line

From banners, presentations, videos, and websites- the choices are so many. Start with a few, and then grow your product line. Keep building your portfolio and also update in those respective fields with the latest technologies and International preferences.


#1: Get your online store ready!

Oh yes, this is a must. Get an online store where you sell printed calendars, cups, mementos, and anything that appeals to the masses. From cute pens to customized T-shirts, let your designs rule the online world. Keep your rates affordable; give freebies to attract more crowds.


Some Designing work secrets you need to keep in mind always

Practice makes perfect, so keep polishing on your skills every time you get some free time. It is a must to perfection.

Be consistent with your performance irrespective of your time lags, deadlines, software issues. Get it done to your client’s satisfaction. Nothing is sweeter than gaining their trust in life. Trust us, they will come back for more – once they are convinced with your work.

Positivity is the foundation of your world. All your works won’t be accepted in one go. It’s ok. Keep the positive vibes moving! Once your destiny reaches the right moment, you will be known to be a fully fledged designer who actually makes money.

After all, if you are determined- you can touch the stars. So, stay focused on the fact that you must make money with designing and follow the steps mentioned above.

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