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LinkedIn Marketing tools to enhance business growth
LinkedIn Marketing tools to enhance business growth
By Admin

We do understand that if you are a digital marketer, or entrepreneur, leveraging with the best Linkedin marketing tools and strategies is next to essential for the survival of the business. With competition on the rise, getting connected with the decision-makers of a company or startup will help expand your customer base.

Among the main social media players, Linkedin has to gain prominence in the virtual space rapidly. Though it falls behind the digital giant Facebook, still on the professional side, Linkedin Marketing Tools have proved to be a strong platform to build connections and to amplify business. If you are eyeing result-oriented digital marketing strategies, we have good news for you!

In 2021, Digital media owns a pretty hefty share for grabbing attention, reaching out, and churning sales conversions. With no more window shopping and street stalls, online sales are the most sustainable medium of expanding entrepreneurial expeditions in a steady manner. By the way, you need a website for this too! For those in search of web development companies in Kerala, India, and for any website outsourcing services, we can chime in great website suggestions upon further contact.

Data Statistics that will show the power of Linkedin Marketing

To start with, we are a professional web design company in Kochi and have experienced a relatively positive response with minimized marketing efforts on Linkedin.

Recent research revealed some positive counts on how Linkedin is being used worldwide. Let’s see the stats:

  1. Did you know that Linkedin is home to over 740 million professionals?
  2. They belong to over 200 countries spread across the globe, including people who belong to over 55 million organizations.
  3. On average almost 1 billion communications take place every month on Linkedin and that engagement level indicates the scope of marketing on this platform.
  4. Over 11 million Linkedin users are entrepreneurs, project managers, team leaders, and game-changers in their respective niches and industry.
  5. Stats show that while people do not spend time on Linkedin, the impact of the media is high.
  6. Almost 80% of the B2B marketers have noticed that Linkedin Marketing tools are effective and most of the B2B leads sprout from Linkedin.

Okay, if this has left you shocked, you are on the right path, friends! We have a lot of the work to do and by any chance, if you need a web development agency in Cochin to get this messy work done, we are right here!

How to promote your company page on Linkedin?

Often, small-time entrepreneurs and digital marketers figure on How to promote their Linkedin company page, and here are a few workable Linkedin Marketing strategies to start with:

You see businesses are made of humans with diverse thinking constantly on the lookout for new ideas! They become part of Linkedin to hear something positive and different from you!

Linkedin Company Page

Start off with building a proper Company page and that is the foremost step to marketing your Linkedin Company profile. Often, when we build a complete digital media plan for our clients worldwide, we have been acknowledged as the best web development company in Kochi.

This is because we give importance not only to the web development and web design but also to building a proper Linkedin Business page which includes: The Company expertise, the key products and services, the team behind the company, and also the target audience.

Pen Down Value-Added Content

Did you know that in 2020, Bill Gates had published some of his interesting professional thoughts on Linkedin? This had indeed dwelled on people management, empathy, professional care, etc; and was received well on a worldwide basis.

Business digital marketing is more than just fitting the Linkedin profile with optimized keywords. People come to Linkedin for information, connections, and analyzing brands, products, company growth, etc. So, it is your duty to engage your target audience with relevant information.

Build the Credible Factor

List down the trends searched across the globe, find answers to queries and misinformation for probable clients and even exciting clients. This builds your credibility and that would make your audience feel connect more with the Company.

Linkedin Business Communities

Be part of professional business communities on Linkedin. Digital Marketers consider such communities and groups as viable Linkedin Marketing tools to connect and share more information with regard to the product/service.

Best Linkedin marketing tools

Have you noticed the promotional message of Linkedin? It goes like Set Goals, Drive-in Leads, and of course, then companies can celebrate ROI. The formula looks simple, but you need to seek assistance from the below listed Linkedin Marketing Tools to let the magic work!

Tool 1: Linkedin Plugins

We totally agree that managing websites and all your social media accounts at the same time can be a bit of a strain.  When you use, Linkedin Plugins, the messy work gets more streamlined and focused. Just hop into the Linkedin widgets, install them onto the website.

This would allow visitors to connect and view your Linkedin profile easily. From easy autofill options, share and follow cons, and easily generated Javascript codes, quick connection-building strategies are made possible.

Tool 2: Lead Fuze

Spotting out the right lead seems to be a never-ending chore for digital marketers today.  With over 700 million Linkedin members in the picture, the challenge of finding prospects rises even higher.

LeadFuze is a prospecting marketing tool that helps users make lists of the targeted Linkedin accounts with a customized search criterion. Once the lead lists are made, then marketers can start conversations, or call to kickstart the lead conversion process.

Tool 3: Linkedin Small Business

Whether you have a big or small organization, Linkedin opens doors for plenty of sales activities. With the help of Linkedin Small Business marketing tools, small businesses can connect with the target audiences, share engaging content, and also build credibility on this platform.

This would encourage clients to interact, review your expertise and build a follower base that would sync in the business goals.

Tool 4:

Another marketing tool that helps build leads is the software. Once you register, it allows you to collect probable leads from Linkedin and transfer them into an excel sheet.

This may not seem like a lot, but for small businesses and startups, it does give a better picture of where to start building conversations, converting them into leads. Another advantage of this Linkedin marketing tool is that users can send across personalized mailers to inquiries.

Tool 5: Discoverly

To know more information about your target audience or the decision-makers of other companies will help you reach out successfully. Using sales strategy in mind, Discoverly is a marketing tool which helps Linkedin users to find what connections search or do on other digital platforms.

Trust us, this does not prove to be a threat to privacy; rather it helps you connect with their mutual friends and even build relations based on similar interests.

Tool 6: Crystal

Another Linkedin Marketing tool that does a marvelous job in building connections is the Crystal tool. Digital marketers often label it as the world’s largest personality platform; Crystal users can get access to any Linkedin account (free or premium) and collect information on their personality.

Why is this useful? Simply because it guides marketers on how to approach such people during a cold call session! If social selling is your aim, then you need to talk right. For this, Crystal has the scope to build leads by understanding their personality.

Tool 7: Outro

The last on the list is Outro, which helps you to enlist probable target customers.  You may have a lot of connections, but through Linkedin, you need to spot out qualified connections that are beyond your Linkedin network.

The outro is designed through an efficient relationship strength algorithm, which filters matching profiles that meet the criteria you are looking for. This would help you to spend time on more qualified prospects on Linkedin.

Winding Up

When you integrate Linkedin with the above-mentioned Linkedin Marketing tools, it gives you more direction on whom to connect with, how to approach and build a trustworthy relation.

It is wise if you do not overlook these tools or consider them as unwanted tools. The world is changing to a phase where being digital and virtually connecting is the only medium of a successful business.  Since normal people are in no scope to connect with the whole world, it is great if you notice on How to promote Linkedin’s company page and also how to build connections on Linkedin.

At any point, if you feel these sales marketing tools seem overwhelming, you need to approach web design companies near you to fix the issue.

Or else, look no further; just contact (place contact link) our professional web development company based in Kochi to enhance your Linkedin digital marketing strategies.



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