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7 Mistakes That Every Web Designer Should Avoid
7 Mistakes That Every Web Designer Should Avoid
By Admin

Web Designing needs a lot of creativity. The designer has to undertake a number of phases carefully as a single fault can prove to be very costly at times. Working under the pressure to label the belief of their users and design the website for very impatient guest can often be hard for the designer to handle. Under this situation, they tend to make faults and often silly ones. List of mistakes that the web designers often commit under some unexpected and dramatic results.


Search Box:


The website is a collection of information, a search box is essential. Users might be looking for something that is invisible on the website, with the search box. Then the users will get what they want. Google Custom Search is simple, neat and better way to get started. It permits users to search your websites in an effective manner.


Poor Readability and Legibility:


It’s a vital element of web design. Certainly, a better interface design will grab the customer’s attention but the customers have to read the text to be able to hold the data they desire. Some websites use the most suitable font styles and sizes that make reading a pain.


Unorganized Content Layout:


Website Content drives the traffic to it. Users don’t read, but scan through data and pick out the interesting points on a web page. Some web designers put a block of text on the web page and omit headings, sub-headings, bullets, keywords, paragraphs etc. For each web page use an appropriate page title thus the users know exactly where they are? Content coincide with the total theme of the website and be useful.


Bad Navigation:


Navigation inside a website should be seamless. Users should be able to realize their way around easily. The text is used for navigation, it should be brief. Dead links have no place on any web pages. This higher user confusion and wastes time. That is even just as bad as having a link on the homepage that links to the homepage.


Broken links:


Bad links or hyperlinks, nothing to do when clicked to 404 i.e.; error pages, it’s the annoyance of some web surfer. Try your site weekly to ensure that all the links work properly or not. Append a “Contact the Webmaster” link in site’s footer so users can rapidly let you know if they notice a broken link or any other faults on your site and fix those errors quickly.


Cluttered Pages, More Whitespace:


Some designers forget whitespace and its principals. All of them are so immerse in their own design creativity that they omit that it’s not about them.


Unscrupulous Use of Images/Animations:


If you use so many images on a web page is an immense turn-off. Images can be used for catch the user’s attention, but it can also divert. Images can be used to emphasize and guide the users. Animations are a good medium, mostly when used suitably. Users can’t have the enough patience or time, so designers must prefer better yet.


Most of the web designer’s problem is to forget that the site was not built for them but to resolve the user’s requirements. They permit creativity priority over usability.  If you did right, you can turn off a lot of traffic to your site. Avoid these mistakes, your site is far better than much of the competition.



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