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Off-Page Optimization – #1 SEO Tricks
Off-Page Optimization – #1 SEO Tricks
By Admin

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of upgrading the visibility of a website on natural or un-paid Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), by including a search engine friendly element into a website.


It can be broken down into on-Page optimization & off-Page optimization.


Off-Page SEO mentions all the things that you can do OFF your website to rank higher, i.e. social networking, article submission, forum & blog marketing etc. It refers predominantly to back links, the links that are pointing to the site which is optimized from other relevant websites.


Social Networking Sites


Also known as Online Reputation Management. Social Networking is immense grown up ever these days. The fundamental step to getting involved with social media sites is to advertise market and build online repute inside your niche. You have to sign up the most popular social networking sites, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. and create your own profile. This lets you spread your online network of contacts that have to contact and interact with others. This helps to share things and most importantly to promote your website/blog and also helps to build your online reputation.




Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your website/company online. By writing a blog for your site, include lots of unique contents that you give a cause for guests to keep returning to your website and keep up to date with latest posts. Can also promote your blog by posting comments on other related blogs. This helps to get links that are crawlable by the search engines and rank higher in SERPs. By submitting, Niche blog directories and blog search engines help to promote your blog.


Forum Posting


You have to find forum online that are related to your sites and get involved in the community. Then you can reply to the threads, answer the questions, offer advice etc., this helps to build up your rank. Test to use “Do-Follow” Forums that helps to crawl your site by the search engines.


Directory Submission


Many of them say that directory submission is dead! I believe that it is still alive. It is based on how potent we select those directories and how potent we choose the category for the submission. We have to submit general directories, it’s better off submitting to niche directories.


Search Engine Submission


This will eventually notice your site online but it takes some time. To speed up your site, you should submit your website to the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.


These techniques are some of the processes to higher your off-Page SEO. It is as important as On-page SEO.  To get a link is the more valuable way to higher the site.



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