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Top Four Reasons, Why You Need a New Website?
Top Four Reasons, Why You Need a New Website?
By Admin

Every business needs a website to be visible online. These days it is more important to have an online presence than the local market presence. Businesses are targeting a larger global audience and the website it the most important address they have to reach out which is more helpful than a physical address. That’s exactly why IT start-ups and e-commerce firms are succeeding though they don’t have a physical existence. Here are some top reasons you must be looking out for a new website for your brand!


It’s all about yourself!


Bragging about self in the brand’s website is a common mistake most of the companies make. Your website should be only showcasing what you have to offer. When the customers tell how good you are, it becomes more credible. While you can list out the basic products and services you offer, make your website more engaging to the customer by offering what they are looking for rather than forcing what you have to offer them.


SEO, What’s that?


If you are asking this question, you really need a new website. It is more likely that you created your website long before the SEO age and never bothered to look back. It is as bad as wearing a 70’s style suit to your millennial party! If you want to get noticed online, you need SEO. So get a new website with Search Engine Optimization for your brand, to start with. This helps in bringing in more traffic to the website and also creating better brand awareness. SEO and SERP rankings are the most important elements to consider when you have a website and aim to make the most of it.


Clueless about Traffic Sourc


If you have no clue from where your website is receiving most of the traffic, it’s time you revamp it or get a new website. Latest technologies will leverage not only from the technicalities but also make your website faster and more efficient. Embedding Google Analytics will help you analyze your current customer base which helps in formulating better marketing strategies. Only when your target customers and market are right, your marketing strategies will work positively for your brand. You can change your content and social media marketing activities based on the intended audience which will help better the traffic at much-reduced overheads.


No Mobility!


If your website cannot be accessed easily on a mobile device, you better get yourself a responsive website. It helps to realize that a good percentage of web traffic comes through mobile devices. Online decisions are made more using mobiles these days. Desktops have become obsolete and laptops are getting extinct. It is the age of getting things done on-the-go and mobility matters the most. Getting a new website with responsive design solves this issue efficiently. Responsive websites make sure that the same site is accessible for multiple devices of different screen sizes seamlessly.


These four issues are good enough to get your brand a new website tastefully done by the best web development company.


About the Author: MANJU  is a Content Writer at Code9 Technologies, a Web design company in Cochin, Kerala. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading. She also works on some freelance marketplaces like Walk in Medical clinic Calgary.

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