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7 Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2021
7 Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2021
By Admin

Digital Marketing is the buzzword of modern business today. If done right this 2021, you could see the results of your Marketing Strategies. This time we have Seven Digital Trends noted to leverage and create a huge makeover in the world of modern consumerism.

It is high time any business ditches the conventional style of marketing and focuses on technologically themed marketing strategies this year. With so much competition on our plates, we just cannot handle go walk in the mainstream of marketing. Don’t you want to over and above the existing competition?

That way, you can ace your marketing strategies and ensure you get results for the investments put forward towards selling your product/service.  So, what are the Influencing Trends in Digital Marketing today?

#1 Chatbots

Did you know that Research experts have noticed that chatbots enable more engagements? Why is that so?

  1. Reliability: This is simply because when a prospective client visits your website; they tend to expect a certain level of response. Give the needed response at the right time is the key to reliability.  Suppose, if you are seeking web development services in Cochin, a chatbot could answer your queries at any hour of the day.
  1. Speedy interactions: Chatbots fill this gap, as these bots give immediate responses to any of their queries.
  1. Enhanced customer support: It ensures better customer support, as clients, can move into decision-making quickly.
  1. Sound Connect: Since the client does not have to wait for real people to communicate during working hours.

Digital Chatbot Takeaway: Speedy engagements could boost trust and build the customer base.

#2 Artificial Intelligence

Have you been fascinated by fiction movies that glamorize Artificial Intelligence thinking? Movies of this genre like ‘Matrix’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Star Wars, ‘Steven Spielberg’s ‘A.I.Artificial  Intelligence, ‘Interstellar’, and the famous ‘Her’ have left us baffled with such ideas.

AI, Data Analytics, Machine Learning are popular words that modern businesses love in 2021. It has led us into a world of imaginations, terrifying excitement, and a wide swath of technological intelligence to consider. Today, this is becoming reality and is a must-have in Digital Marketing. Why so?

  1. Enhanced Data Usage: Companies collect a lot of data from website visitors, but are they put to full use? Often not! With AI-based data analysis, companies get to understand the type of customers who come, their age, demographics, what they seek, spending power, and how they reached the website. This will aid in making more fruitful marketing plans.
  1. Automation: Often the grunt of social media and digital marketing is to craft authentic content that strikes the right audience. With automated tools, marketing messages can be streamlined, giving more ways for planning and innovation.
  1. Monitored Ecommerce Suggestions: Understanding what a consumer likes or searches for – is the key to making sales. With AI, eCommerce websites can help list down similar searches, recommendations on the prospective client’s feeds.
  1. Curated Content: Random content is a waste of time, and in fact could end your work in the spam corner! So, with proper Artificial Intelligence, the content has to be customized to give answers to what people search for. Often our clients have loved our professional web design services in Kochi, as we curate the website content, design, and development to suit their final digital goals.

Artificial Intelligence Takeaway: Great AI systems are the backbone of every company in 2021. It infuses the human aspect of better customer experience and loyalty, leveling up customer retention in a planned and cost-effective manner.

#3 Personalized Customer Experience

Over the past year, giving the audience informative, authentic digital content is the ticket to scale the sales graphs upwards.

  1. Novelty: Who does not love surprises and new creative customer experiences? Today, with digital business and a ton of channels to promote your business, you have plenty of ways to keep your customers happy. From giveaways to interviews, to bumper prizes, to what not – creativity is yours today!
  2. Meaningful Engagement: Well, even when you get creative, make sure it is useful for the customers. They aren’t a bunch of kindergarten kids, and if you displease them in the digital space, this could backfire. Let your content have value, give good responses, clear hiccups in website UI/UX design, and sent out appealing social media engagements.
  3. Listen & Focus: Customers trust businesses that listen to them, and customize services. So listen and you will get a bunch of loyal customers, who make actually be a good word of mouth for you!

Personalized Customer Experience Takeaway: If your social media voice connects with a customer’s thoughts, be assured that you will be loved. So, think from their shoes!

#4 Voice & Visualization

Being social animals by nature, we all love the personalized feel of a conversation, don’t we? If you are thinking about building a web design company in Cochin or perhaps a digital marketing agency, the inclusion of a voice will be an absolute sweet spot for your customers. Let’s see why:

  1. Popularity: Haven’t you seen the magic and fun that surrounds Apple Siri, and then Amazon’s Alexa? People love experimenting and interacting with that automated voice…Period
  1. Conversational: Well, to sit in your own space and ask anything under the sun, totally free is what such voice programs promise clients. The experience is relaxed, unconventional, and highly personalized.
  1. Attractive Visuals: Did you know that Human senses receive visuals and voices more comfortably than a lot of written content? Over the past year, people have fallen in love with content that is displayed on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube simply because the visuals play a huge role. This is why you too should take benefit from this popular digital trend and opt for more infographics, videos, and poster content while planning marketing strategies.

Voice & Visualization Takeaway: The voice and eye contact add a deeper connection with the customer. They believe what they see rather than just reading a webpage. So, make that your web designs are crafted to include such popular content formats.

#5 Data Analytics

Have you realized that over the past 12 months, a foolproof data analytical session could actually reorganize your digital marketing strategies for the better? Well, this is what we say, but research has found this out. So, it is better you break down the data that you have collected.

  1. Hidden Market: Data will help you look between the lines always. If there is something that is not clicking in your business today, find out the gap that you are not solving.
  2. Queries equal solutions: Customers have tons of questions for you, don’t they? Well, if you check the eCommerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon, people ask a lot. These could yield a lot of queries and also solutions. This data will teach you how to improve the product/ service.
  1. Enhanced Marketing campaigns: By any means, you are on a marketing campaign spree and that is of course to get more leads, more sales conversions and more website visits, right? Data explains where to find your customer, where they search for your similar type services, and the trend. This way, you can promote your FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram campaigns in a planned manner.
  1. CostEffective ROI: If you invest, you need returns too. That means today’s marketing strategies are not done by way of assumptions and experimentation. Companies invest in data analysts who derive the right marketing strategy and also study competitors.
  1. Seamless website development navigation: Using heatmaps, website navigation data, developers can find out how customers interact with the website, how comfortable they are; when and why they exit the page. This has often helped us as a team to be one of the best web development agencies in Kerala.
  1. Better conversions: From knowing where to place the call to action buttons, to know what content will convert on the social media channels – you need to filter the data you get. This helps you get prepared for situations in advance, as the data will reveal if there are any mistakes whatsoever.

Data Analytics Takeaway: Data gives you resources to fill the gaps. Gone are the days, when a name and email are meant only for sending worthless newsletters. Today, communications and marketing strategies are building strong relationships that actually make sales. So don’t be left behind! Do your homework.

#6 Social Commerce:

If you had welcomed AI and E-commerce in the past few years, then you will have to make use of the new Digital Trend named Social Commerce this 2021. Let’s see why:

  1. Social Media selling: Presently, people stay on social media most of the time. So, get your services. Products into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Whether you like it not, that’s where your customers are going to be, so just linger in there and see the difference.
  1. Targeted Sales: With Facebook campaigns, you can actually know which location, gender, age of people you need to target. Plus, if you have a large customer base on your Facebook page, the sales will be easily targeted.
  1. Reliance on Social Media Opinions: People pay attention to what their online friends comment or ask. So, if you are in the good books of the digital circles, then sales may just begin to stream in.
  1. High Ranks on Search Engine: Since you are doing business via Social Commerce, the chances of being ranked higher in Search engines like Google and Bing. As they already have indexed pages, better DA, and will not enter the spam folders of their visitors, your product can also squeeze through be recognized without must expense.

Social Commerce Takeaway: It is a radical approach that has gained a lot of popularity in Digital Marketing this 2021. If you need to build a connection with your customers, get out there!

#7 The Influencer Move

If you had read before about how conversations via voices and visualizations can influence marketing strategies, you will understand that International influencers like Kylie Jenner, Justin Beiber, Cristiano Ronaldo and some Indian influencers like Aashna Shroff, Priyanka Chopra, and Kartikay Rawal is ruling social media today. They are the next phase of result-oriented marketing strategies that every business should adopt in 2021.

  1. More Conversions: Since influencers have a huge fan base or follower list on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Tango, Clubhouse, and many others, it is easy for them to speak, display, and show video reels about any product/ service. This will yield a better conversion rate.
  1. Better Convincing Capability: Their charisma has attracted fans without any coercion and that means if they have a great review about your service, this is sure to be added to some admirer’s wish cart soon.
  1. Trustworthy Reviews: There is a huge sentimental power linked with Influencer Digital Marketing and that is the amount of love, and trust people have for these personalities. Take advantage of this quality and it may even help in getting better results than a marketing campaign.
  1. Social Media: Want to boost up your sales? Then social media is your game-changer route. Seek influencers who have a large follower base. Their magnetic charisma can convince your prospective customers to trust you with no second thoughts.

The Influencer Move Takeaway: In the past, if you had to depend on good word of mouth to allow your store sales to spike up, today, and social influencers have taken up the role. An association with influencers will; only boost your digital presence, credibility, and fan base. If you want to convert from just display-worthy business to shoppable business, and then allow the influencers’ do their job!

Editor’s Endnote

Digital Trends has gone through a huge change and this will evolve even further in 2021. You need to keep track of the changes and follow them – if you want to beat and stay ahead of the competition.

If you have read all these 7 trends, then you should try them for yourself and reap the results. They are absolutely proven, researched, and voted as some of the best methods of building the right digital marketing strategies that the world-famous Digital Marketers use today.

Have any queries? Comment below and we could have a quick chit-chat!

If you like to have your website revamp, or probably improve the web design of your digital beauty, let us know. We would be most happy to work with you. Take a while to browse through our website and check our web design services in Cochin, India, and abroad also.

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