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Here are 5 Interesting Web Development Blogs…
Here are 5 Interesting Web Development Blogs…
By Admin


The more we learn the more we need to know seems to be the fact when it comes to Web Development. IT is one sector where much development is happening at a very fast pace. The latest trend of sharing what one knows seems to be a great way to share knowledge and reach out to the world. It is hence important to keep updated on the latest technology updates and these 5 blogs will help you keep updated on the latest IT developments regarding Web Development:




Discover something new on Web Development technology every day from this amazing blog. It is a useful repository of information and technology updates for all types of web developers. From designing and licensing to tool downloads and tips and tricks on latest technologies, everything is available in WebResourcesDepot. Expert reviews on latest tools and software are also available here. Web developers can easily grasp a lot on the newer technologies and trending aspects of web development from this website.




This is more for the established professional web developers and designers. There’s a lot more than articles and information available for the developers in this website. You can buy books, download books, read reviews, check out the job openings in various companies and even attend the workshops and events held by SmashingMagazine. It is a very informative and resourceful repository for professional web developers.




CodingHorror provides useful insights into the latest hardware and software available on the market. In-depth analysis of various components that can enhance your website’s performance can be found here. The best part is that they are presented in a very humorous way which makes reading enjoyable while conveying the facts clearly.




StackOverflow is a useful repository for technology freaks. The discussion forum is a great place to find solutions for unnerving issues in Web Developments. Those who have already done it will share their experiences on various issues raised by the less experienced ones. It also has a job section where companies enlist their job opportunities and the eligible members can make use of it. StackOverflow is definitely one of those sites which web developers should never miss.




This is the place for serious coders and developers. Started way back in 2009, DailyJS contains blogs, articles, and tips posted by the main contributor and a few other experts which are helpful for the newbie in web development. From bugs to code snippets, this site is a must-visit for all web developers.



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