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How Much Does It Costs to Build a Website in India?
How Much Does It Costs to Build a Website in India?
By Admin



The website has become one of the most primary and widely used media for both individuals and business alike. This has given a great boost to the thriving web development company in the country. With the affordable web design cost in India, it has become quite economical for anyone to build their own website- either personal or professional.


Have you ever fancied how much it takes to design a website in India? Well, then you have stumbled upon the right place. As in this article, we will be talking about the “Web Design Cost” and few other key factors associated with developing your own website.


Before we get into the big question on the Website design price, lets first try to understand what all various types of websites are there in India; well to start with there are ‘Blogging sites’, ‘eCommerce sites’ and there are ‘Web portals’ to name a few.


Why are websites so important?


In today’s digital age websites have become imperative for both individual and business alike.  If you thinking why so, then here are the key reasons:


1)The website offers an online presence to both individuals and firms.

2)It is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect and express.

3)It is a convenient platform with round the clock access and operation.

4)It is easy to customize and collaborate as per individual needs.

5)It adds more credibility and trust to business with immense exposure globally.


What are the Price Determining Factors for any Website?


Affordable Web Design & Development Services Company in India


1)Domain Name

2)Web Hosting

3)Web design



Well, the above-mentioned factors have a vital role to play in determining the cost of website designing. From getting the desired domain name to web hosting and building the apt design and content structure adds to the cost.


In India, you can get a domain name (address of the website eg. for as low as Rs 5000, and be hosting the website as per the size of your website (number or web page and space) can vary at the minimum of Rs 7000.


With years of experience and huge client base, we at provide the best and affordable website design cost for all types of clientele. Being an award-winning web design and web development company, we have a team of professionals who have the expertise to design tailor-made websites with an assured round the clock assistance.


For the best web design services, you can always feel free to write to us for any queries or suggestions on web design services and our team of dedicated professionals will get in touch with you. You can even keep up with overall the latest updates on web development services and best deals via our social media channels.

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