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Is digital literacy a necessity today?
Is digital literacy a necessity today?
By Admin

True a lot of people play around in the digital world, but are they playing the game right you have got to check!


Never thought about it? Digital literacy is not merely on how well you know each app, have an account of the upcoming software, or the rate at which you use the latest technological gadgets. It is more than that- it is in simple words- the way you use the digital world and all its accompaniments.


The truth is we do use, but 95% of the public masses around the world do not use it right. Why does that happen? Maybe because they are not literate enough!


So my question is whether digital literacy is necessary?- Yes, my friends- it very much is! Just as much as you learn road rules, immigration rules or even the rules of your religious institution, you need to use technology the right way. There are ‘NO’s and ‘Yes’s’ to this field also.


A few gains you achieve from being digitally literate: 


First, you learn that there is much more beyond chatting, and posting pictures!


Second, the more you use the internet; you can get your hands on the latest information from all corners of the world- whether it is news, nature, technology, medicine, education or whatever.


Third, more research, helps you identify the right and original source to information. Web Experience teaches you to select authentic sources of information. It teaches you the limitations, the probabilities, and problems of the digital world.


Fourth, you learn ways on how to analyze a certain subject in a better manner and that could help all people- children and adults; do their work, projects, assignments in a more professional manner.


Fifth and the last one, it opens your creative mind and allows to use the digital world in a new, and resourceful manner.


So, from this you will be able to understand that digital technology is great but only once you know what you can reap from it, will you be able to absorb its full essence. So be digitally literate!

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