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“What is Google BERT Update and How Will It Affect Your Website Rankings?”
“What is Google BERT Update and How Will It Affect Your Website Rankings?”
By Admin

Are you a website owner? Are you worried about the number of visits and exits that surface on your analytics results? Are you hoping to find a magical mantra to get your website to the top of the Google listings? If yes, then you have come to the right place. But before there is something more you need to know about the latest Google updates. So in this session, we will be dealing with one of the latest updates made by Google. Alongside this, we will be explaining how this update will affect your website ranking. Depending on this information, you could devise a plan to help the website survive the competition.

Recently, Google turned up with a novel algorithm update named Google BERT and this according to them, is one of the largest changes they have made to their search systems.  A lot of people, website wizards are confused about its impact on business and site visits. So, let’s plunge into this field and get to know the ugly side of the update.

A Better Understanding of BERT

BERT is a language processing framework that is known to be technologically superior to all that had been made previously. The language prompts out results based on various eleven crucial language processing functions. They are textual entailment (aka next sentence prediction), reference resolution, entity determination, text classification, and semantic role labeling. The language avoids any confusion that sprouts from the disambiguation of words that have a lot of meanings in the literary sense.

BERT is officially expanded as ‘Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers’.  It is important to understand how this language works in order to find answers to why a particular is reaching the top of Google listings and why sometimes it does not.

In the past, when a person types in a search word or phrase, these would be taken as keywords by Google. Based on these keywords, Google would find out matching pages and line them for the viewer to select. So the problem with this is that sometimes, irrelevant website pages also used to turn up and that would have a negative impact in the minds of the viewers.

One of the major highlighted features of BERT is the bi-directionality factor. It aids the language to compare each word with all its possible interrelated words. It lists out the possible relations with various terms and also makes a noteworthy attempt to find the sense or the real meaning of the context. In this manner, the user will get a much more refined list of all possible searches in relation to what they had asked for. This has proven to be particularly useful for people compared to previous updates. So, in short, Google has become relay smart enough to understand what we need and furnish those results in the best possible way.

The Effect of BERT on Website Ranking

Let us put this subject into simple terms. The crux of this BERT language is that it focuses on providing the best results. It focuses on listing the most relevant results, whatever be the subject. For this, the new Google update relies heavily on quality and not the quantity of content.

Points that you need to keep in kind while dealing with the smart BERT:

If previously short tail keywords did the trick for you, then now it will not. A short tail keyword used to help a website reach the top of Google listings previously.  But now Google checks the relevance of the short keyword and then only lists it up on Google search.

Now, long-tail keywords have found favors in the new algorithm. Today, these long keywords or long phrases are considered to explain more vital information about the topic at hand. Not here too, only if the long tail keywords emit quality, will that website reach the world of ‘Top Stories’ or perhaps in the first page of the searches.

So, ultimately it is not too long or too short keywords that play a role in searches, but the amount of quality that the content gives out to the reader. If the content is informative, then you are in luck. The BERT will send your website straight to the top.


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