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What makes a good landing page design?
What makes a good landing page design?
By Admin

We may all have seen those social media advertisements with a link, clicking on which takes you to a specific web page that tells you more about a particular campaign or the company itself. Ever wondered why not take you to the homepage of the website? That’s because the homepage is more generic. It contains a lot of information on the company, brand, and products which may not interest the customer. The customer may be only interested in a particular campaign which was marketed. So instead of directing a customer to the homepage, they are taken to a landing page. This landing page will be attractive, responsive and have ample information on the specific campaign that will interest the customer. It will also have a lot of information useful to the customer and about the customer that helps the company to better understand the source, customer’s preferences and his/her navigation options.


The landing page is the spirit and soul of a website from where the information about the visitor can be captured with the help of a conversion form also known as a lead capture form. It is important to know about the landing page, basic characteristics of the page, importance, and features of a good landing page design.


What is a landing page design?


The landing page is a separate page on the website that is made for only one transformation purpose. These pages are not dependent on the site and are majorly created for advertising and promotional campaigns. These pages can be created without the help of any developer and are an excellent way of converting the visitor into a lead. The prime objective of a landing page is to make the customers aware of the company products and permit them to purchase the same with the smooth and easy user interface and understanding.


Five Vital components of a Landing Page Design


There are five hard core basic features that are required for a Landing page Design and they are:


Unique Selling Proposition also called the USP which comprises of


o Main Heading
o A supportive heading
o A strengthening and underlining statement
o A finishing reason


Social evidence like testimonials, customer feedback and reviews and any awards were given


The advantages of the deal to be presented in bullets and numbers and highlighted.


Images or videos that support your context


The Call-to-action


Importance of a Landing Page


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The landing page is a source through which advertising and leads generated can be made more helpful and useful. Its importance is stated as under:


Acquire and generate leads


Provides vision into the success of the Offers from the marketing segment


Vital Features of a Good Landing Page Design




Since the landing page is an important aspect of lead generation and conversion, it must consider the following aspects:



The very first thing which is noticeable by the customers is headline so it needs to be such which sums up the offer briefly but clearly.


Copy and appropriate Keywords

The text should be represented in bullets and numberings and keywords should be boldly highlighted.


Hidden Navigation and social media Sharing Links

The navigation bars should be hidden to avoid distraction and the links on landing pages should have a connection to social media sites to easily share with others.


Forms to Capture Leads and Images

This is very critical as this is the form from where the visitors’ information turns to leads and the page should have an image to make the page more attractive.


A landing page design is an imperative tool for online marketing and can be used to benefit from sales, lead generators and to foster the predictions.

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