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13 CRO Tips on How to Increase Website Conversion Rate
13 CRO Tips on How to Increase Website Conversion Rate
By Admin

To improve your website conversion rate is an absolute necessity these days.  It is the proven medium of driving in better sales volume to your website and here on this page we will detail out How to increase your website conversion. CRO means Conversion Rate optimization and that will help gain conversions. So let’s dive in!

Hey, have you noticed viewers step into your website and then exit quickly? Not a pretty sight and the basic reason behind this is that:

  • They a lot to watch on your website
  • They get confused as to where to concentrate and navigate
  • The website probably did not appeal to them

Heard of the 15 – Second Rule in Website Conversions? That is all you have to create conversions or experience heavy bounce rates! So be vigilant!

Within 15 seconds, they decide to Exit. So, that narrows down to the ground reality that if your web design is not attractive enough and not usable enough; you are stepping into hot waters. So, lets’ ensure that your web design is done right. Period

Here we undertake, professional web design projects in Cochin giving your digital identity value, and appeal in terms of color, SEO, structure, and coding.  When you read further, you will understand how essential it is for your desktop website design and mobile site web design have to be seamlessly useful for users so that the website conversion rates increase for you – even while you sleep


First the Basics: What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

This is a technical process of tweaking the website, codes, content, tags, images so that conversions will be improved and will generate better traffic. In short, your website should look convincing enough for your target audience to take action.

Next, focus on your Web Conversion Goals

Tip 1: Tweak your Website

Before thinking about how to increase conversion, do your backend homework well. You need to check on the website goal and visit the website from the target audience’s eyes.  Have the below website checklist to start with:

  • Check if the website is communicative and understandable
  • Understand if users can move from one page to another and also come back to the landing page seamlessly
  • Overcrowded pages? Time to filter out some
  • See if your images are optimized for mobile and desktop versions
  • Are the fonts visible and attractive?
  • Are the color combinations about the theme or goal of the website?
  • Is the content SEO ready?
  • Are there bloated codes? (Get them rectified with the best web development in Kochi)
  • Have you updated the website content regularly?
  • Are the contact forms and call to action conveniently positioned?
  • How many visitors are being converted into your customers?

Tip 2: Set your Conversion Goals

Once the website essentials have been set right, here are few website conversion goals that you need to work on:

  • Check if your links are properly linked
  • The submit forms need to minimal, attractive, and convincing
  • Improve the landing pages as they represent your digital identity
  • Encourage visitors to strike a conversation with the team
  • Elements need to be optimized into small, trending, choices

Tip 3: Track Website Visitor Flow

Head to your website traffic section and keep a vigilant watch on those who visit your website. Our constant research has helped our clients get better ideas on how to create professional Cochin-based web designs for websites.  Here’s how you can track the website:

Take note of the visitors who visit in terms of:

  • Demography
  • Time of visit
  • Time spent on website/ mobile
  • Topic/page they visited
  • Age and gender of visitors
  • How many clicked on the CTA buttons

Tip 4: Visitor Data Analysis

Once the information has been collected, it has to be analyzed with the help of your digital marketing experts and data analysts. Configure goals, estimations, and results from the database that you had procured.  

Some of the key elements that your Analytical reports need to fulfill:

  • Understand the pages that spiked the interests of the visitors
  • Filter the data that made people exit the pages
  • Make comparison reports on the bounce rates, return visitors, page navigation
  • Make reports on user behavior on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis
  • Create comparison reports of advertisement campaigns that attracted visitors
  • Sources of traffic need to be listed and compared
  • Reviews and feedbacks need to be counted from various platforms

This quantifiable data will highlight a lot of valuable information, which will guide on how to implement website conversions, how to improve web design, how to interact with customers, and how to watch the trends of visitors on the global front.

Watch out: Do note that you should not go astray from your website goals as the trends keep changing.

Tip 5: Competitor Analysis

It is a fact that we all survive in a competitive online marketplace today and hence it would be wise to monitor: Your Competitors & Their Moves

  • Understand the main players in your industry
  • Understand who leads the sales in your niche of product/ service
  • Get their SWOT Analysis
  • Figure out where your USP stands in comparison with them
  • List their marketing strategies and digital campaigns
  • Focus on where you can out beat them or improvise your company’s short-term strategies accordingly.
  • Stay updated on their customer base

Tip 6: Conduct A/B experimentation testing

This is ideally done to find which locations would seem to be profitable for your ventures.

  • Regarding website conversions, you can create two sample marketing campaigns at the same time and track out which yielded more customers and added to your revenue.
  • Such experiments will help you find the right strategy that works on a particular set of visitors, in a location at a certain time. Understand there is no perfect formula for conversions and this is will change over time.  That is why you need to adapt, experiment, and choose the right one.
  • For this, use cost-friendly methods like Google Optimize to check the category targeting and choose as per your budget.

Tip 7: Answer the Visitor

With competition hovering above all websites, every visitor would like to know why they should choose You over another, right?

For this:

  • Provide simple, justifiable reasons as to why you are worth the buy
  • Impress your prospect with professionalism in web designs and not any worthwhile imitation styles
  • Add in lucrative offers (after comparing with your competitors and your budgets)
  • Get those creative juices perfect with stunning, buttons, pop-ups, videos, images, and fonts
  • Add value innovatively so that the visitor feels the need to linger on the website and listen to your worthiness

Tip 8: Channelize your sales funnel

Did you know a sales funnel could your website conversions or even nurture the conversions in a seamless style?

As mentioned earlier, understand the visitor and then position your sales funnel accordingly. Few points to remember:

  • If visitors are just browsing for information on the company, product, or service, give them ample awareness blogs and images first
  • Don’t insert the CTA too fast, at the beginning of your pages, as they could exit quickly.
  • If you have an expensive category product, you must educate prospects of the benefits before pushing for a buy
  • Level up their interest levels and then offer a free chat or consultation session.

This will help build trust, and once your expertise is proven, the buy decision will be easily made.

Tip 9: Update, & Optimize Content

For trust to be leveraged, and for the website to be ranked in the Google search lists, you need to ensure that the critical pages (most visited pages) are regularly updated and optimized. How would you do that?

  • Install tracking tools like mouse tracking, eye tracking, heat maps, and click maps to get insights on what content is browsed often
  • Image optimization, quick loading of pages, and seamless web designs have to be updated from time to time.
  • Redesign the layouts based on visitor preferences
  • Insert blogs, newsletters, articles regularly to show your expertise and that creates trustworthiness

Tip 10: Seamless Navigation

Okay, you have visitors and they are playing bounce too soon. Well, not a pretty scenario, guys! Try this instead:

  • Get on your tracking tools and find where and what makes them bounce
  • Enter your website like a clean slate (forget that you know the website map) and find how smoothly you can navigate through the website.
  • Simplicity is key to seamless navigation
  • Find a glitch somewhere? Remove that user friction

Presume that your customers are no tech wizards and so the website should be a cakewalk for them! It should not be a jigsaw puzzle where they need to sharpen website navigation skills. They won’t bother, trust us!

Tip 11: Flaunt your testimonials

Did something just buy your product/ service? Well, why not let the world know about it?

Get their reviews, testimonials; add to your Google reviews and your testimonial page too.

Nothing brings in more trust than Great reviews from your past customers.

Tip 12: Tested your Optimizations? That could impact the website conversion

Never deploy your optimization without testing them! Any optimization will have an impact on the other pages, and unless you test all the sections of the website, you would not know if any error popped up at all.

It would be really bad if you have a repeating visitor who visits only to find something weird on the website. So please test, confirm and then deploy. It would give a positive impact on your website conversion rates.

Tip 13: User Experience matters a lot

In terms of user experience, visitors should feel value once they enter the websites. Make sure that to note the following flaws:

  • Remove big images and free irrelevant images as they will destroy the optimization factor
  • Minimize the menu that is easily understood by visitors
  • Add links to other pages wisely
  • Do not overcrowd the page with lots of buttons and information
  • Visual effects need to be minimalistic and pleasant to the user
  • Make your sales copy persuasive, convincing, and trendy

On an EndNote

Increasing Website conversion is the order of the day if you want to improve the business marketing ROI. Only if you can gather a lot of visitors, the percentage of prospective customers will increase in due course.

For this, once you are sure of your goals, and the type of customers you need to reach out to, you can accordingly, curate your marketing strategies, and optimize the website to catch their attention. The processes are continual and keep updating the trends and needs of the customer base change over time.

Remember to take note of the above-mentioned tip to tweak your website, and see the difference. For any advice or consultation about website conversions and flawless web designs in India, you can approach our team.


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