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You’re Wasting Time with Social Media. Here Are 10 Ways to Stop!
You’re Wasting Time with Social Media. Here Are 10 Ways to Stop!
By Admin


Social media is like a pool of information. Once you dig in, you don’t feel like coming out! There is no limit of time that one spends in the Social media networks either browsing or even checking for any information. At times, social media is like a magnet that pulls time the most and finally none gets benefited with the amount of time wasted on it. Every single person who just logs into the Facebook, twitter or any other platform just remains there for hours even if there is nothing to do. People get hooked up there and forget their major tasks and finally end up running for time.


Here are 10 tips to stop yourself being addicted to social media and utilize your time to the best:


Prepare a schedule

Once you are into a work, it is distracting to come out of that, hence one can use tools like scheduler to utilize the social media time optimally.


Use third party tools to stay away from the social media:

Directly involving in the social media will consume your time and you get hooked up in the black hole of social media. Hence utilize third party tools to comment, check status etc.


Keep personal account away

Never get involved in your personal account while at work. Personal account pulls a major amount of time in browsing photos from your family members or chats, hence keep it away at business hours.


Hire experts

If you are unaware of utilizing your social media page, then hire an expert who can manage the site at relatively good cost.


Curate instead of Writing

Writing contents consumes a great deal of time hence learns to curate.


Plan well to curate

Instead of worrying what has to be posted next, curate content along with a schedule.


Improvise the speed of writing

When you are into social media, there is no time to be wasted in thinking, the posts must be spontaneous. Hence it is important to learn to write faster.


Trending hashtags

With internet media booming, hashtags have come into fashion. Using hashtags will let you improve the traffic to your page.


Set time limits

When at work, limit yourself with time limits in spending time in social media; else it will take up all your time.


Detox yourself

If nothing works, make sure take a break and keep yourself away from social media for a while. Difficult, yet benefitting!


These steps will definitely keep a check on your time spent on social media.



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