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Everything Needs to Know About Cyber Security (2020)
Everything Needs to Know About Cyber Security (2020)
By Admin

We all have heard the term Cyber, cyberspace, cybercrime, and so on. Well, the term Cyber Security also falls in the same family. Cybersecurity is an ever-changing world that hosts a field wherein cyber attacks are targeting every new technology under the sun. With the rising cases of cyber attacks, it is almost inevitable to create a technology, a virtual space, a website, an app without considering the ill effects and dangers of this subject.

Cyber Security Information is a network of data, and programs that create multiple levels of technological security across virtual platforms. It works as a holistic threat management system whereby the processes are automated and integrated seamlessly across various technologies, software, and platforms.
What is Cyber Attacks
Cyber Attacks in simple words are highly offensive actions that target the personal and highly vulnerable information that is stored in computer systems, computer networks, and steals them for malicious practices.
Ransomware attacks
You must have heard about ransomware attacks and this sort of cyber threats are often organized by criminals. They may or may not target their victims, study them for a certain period of time, and then cause havoc to their computer security system.
software supply chain attacks
One of the most common Cyber Security Threats, that were reported in 2019 was the software supply chain attacks. Typically, this pattern of crime involves the insertion of a malicious code into legitimate software. Apart from that, there are many other times of cyber threats like Malware, Phishing techniques, and even Social engineering.
The last one mentioned may seem dignified, but essentially social engineering is one of the new age methods of stealing information via social interactions. Here humans communicate with each other, influence each other, thereby compelling the naïve people to break their typical security procedures, and pass on the sensitive information.
Cyber Security
Cybersecurity, also known as computer security or IT security is the protection of information or data in the networks, computer systems. It may cause by the theft or damage to the hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. It helps to proactively identify, block, and also troubleshoot the susceptible cyber attacks on a certain network.
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Cyber threat intelligence is the collection of data or information about threats and threat actors. This will helps to mitigate harmful events in cyberspace. Cyber Threat Intelligence is a highly adaptive idea used in the protection of data.

Open-source intelligence
Through Open-source intelligence (OSINT) a multi-methods methodology is used for collecting, analyzing, and making decisions about data accessible in publicly available resources. This would naturally pave the way for the usage of public information in an effective and safe manner.
For this, we need to use OSINT tools that can gather information as per the targeted results. Some of the tools like Shodan to get information. to Google. This aids OSINT experts in compiling data analysis reports.
Social media intelligence
This was formulated based on a study on how intelligence was connected to social media and the effects of social media listening and social media living.
Based on this intelligence, experts can retrieve insights on various factors like how people react on social media, how people connect, how scams happen, how certain products or services go viral, and the like.
Human Intelligence
Human Intelligence is a form of science whereby the intelligence information is gathered via interactions, interrogations with persons who could supply information that is connected to the topic. Today, with the help of AI, people have started using smart cyber threat security, so that the threat gaps can be filled in via studying behavioral analysis of humans, identification of malicious IP addresses, files, ad smarter algorithms of response logics over the internet.
Best Cybersecurity companies
Cyber Security is not feeble, but for the ones who are smart and proactive in the business world today. Below, check out the topmost demand for Cyber Security Companies that you can always follow and associate with.

Cyber Security is in fact a huge dilemma that the world looks into today. Yet, with a lot of data in our hands and with the help of the above-mentioned intelligence tools, Cyber Security could make the virtual world a more reliable place to dwell in.

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