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Get a Makeover, Without Buying New Clothes
Get a Makeover, Without Buying New Clothes
By Admin

Whether you are doing it intentionally or forced to do it, it is quite possible to dress stylishly even without buying new clothes. There are many small changes what can be done on your existing wardrobe which will leave you a completely fresh style which you would love for sure! Here are some tips to improve your style without buying new clothes:


  1. Rearrange your wardrobe – More than often, wardrobes get cluttered with clothes you wear regularly whereas the ones you rarely wear are stashed away silently to one corner. So the first step is to remove clutter from your wardrobe. Check for unused boxes and use them to organize your wardrobe. Keep the tops/shirts and bottoms/trousers separately so that you can mix and match. You may even come across some rarely worn stuff you had stashed away earlier that might look stylish right now.


  1. Turn your saree into a Salwar! – Get a tailor to stitch a salwar kameez or a skirt and blouse out of your old saree that seem to be out of fashion. If you have a long Kurta which is out of fashion, check if you can cut it short to a casual top for a fun evening with friends!


  1. Paint or Dye plain clothes – Either do it yourself or check for someone who does it locally. Turn your clothes into designer one! Splash some colors or use a stencil if you cannot paint some patterns on your plain clothes. You can even cut colorful pieces from your old shirt or t-shirt and stitch it onto your jeans or other tops.


  1. Bling it! – Add embellishments to your existing casual clothes and make them look designer and chic. You can take an old brooch or earring or a locket and pin it or stitch it to your plain Kurta to make it look classy. If you have laces or ribbons, stitch it onto your jeans or top to give it a designer look!


  1. Mix n Match differently – Rather than choosing the same pair of jeans and top / shirt together, try some different colors. It will change the look, both ways. If you are used to wearing a white top with black bottom, use blue or green instead of the white. You can even wear a jacket to make it look stylish.


  1. Mix n Match contrasting jewelry – This is exclusively for women who use jewelry. Create a totally different look by using completely contrasting jewelry with the existing dresses. If you are wearing a green dress, wear a contrasting blue, red or black earring that gives you a totally different look!


  1. Cut them short! – If you have a pair of jeans or skirt or trousers that you rarely use, cut them short and leave it with a torn look. It will look the most trending without burning a hole in your pocket.


  1. Get confident and wear a different attitude! – That’s the ultimate hack! Your attitude defines what people see in your clothes. Wear a different attitude with your clothes and you will feel different too.



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