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Amazon  V/S Flipkart; Mapping User Interface of the e-Commerce Giants
Amazon V/S Flipkart; Mapping User Interface of the e-Commerce Giants
By Admin

In this competitive and convenience-focused digital era, no longer do consumers want to venture to the high street in order to buy items, instead, consumers want to shop from their own homes.  Nowadays to sell goods and services, you don’t need a traditional street-side brick storefront. All you need is to set up a good internet connection, a domain, and a site. However, that doesn’t guarantee a success story.

You’ve got to have a solid user interface and user experience to get your customers to open their wallets. Let’s have a look at the UX/UI of the e-commerce giants Amazon & Flipkart.

How Amazon became one of the most glorified online shopping destinations?

The bare truth is Amazon has domains in 15 countries, covering more than half of the world’s population with their services. That’s why we start the list of largest e-commerce companies in the world with Amazon: “The King of e-commerce”.

Easy Navigation

One of the key features of Amazon’s UI UX design is that we can easily navigate through the app and locates the products we are searching for. When it comes to a large e-commerce site, which sells millions of products should have a multi-access & nested category navigation facility. It is a tricky process and Amazon’s UI UX designers have developed the system wisely, which boosted the company’s game.

Easy-to-find Products are Easy-to-sell products

While searching for a product, a user swiftly scans the entire screen to find a writable search box. And the search results are displayed in a way that should help the user make a quick decision. The experts in the domain have stretched a search bar at the right top of the screen, which is visible and quickly recognizable.

Dropdown Menu

The dropdown menu is a fascinating feature of Amazon’s UI/UX. Unlike other e-commerce sites, Amazon gives an overview of each section of their menu. It helps to locate what we are looking for with a piece of knowledge about it.

User Intuitive Scan – to – Search Options

Now we can scan everyday objects and be taken to their equivalents from the store. We can also project obstacles from the store onto our surroundings. Not sure that lamp is going to look good in our hall? Amazon AR has got covered that.

One-Click Ordering & Smoothly Payment Gateways for Frictionless Experiences

Amazon’s one-click ordering & smooth payment gateways were “a game-changer” in the world of e-commerce UX. The users can enter their payment and postage information once and then keep on buying with a single click. This revolution has given frictionless experiences in the online shopping world.

How Flipkart Stow Its Position in the E-commerce Race

Flipkart is another giant when we speak about e-commerce as the core industry. When it comes to Flipkart, Health, Apparels, Sports, and Cosmetics, Books, Tools are much more preferred by online buyers. With its UI/UX features, Flipkart stows its position in the e-commerce race.

Flipkart has all the features of Amazon. Customers can browse, search, find products, compare, read reviews and buy.

Filter & Sorting Options

One of the important requirements for an e-commerce website is to ensure that the filter & sorting options are more relevant according to the product. Flipkart has a good list of the filter and sorting options. In fact, Flipkart provides additional filter options like shoe size, shoe color, theme, etc. It gives an additional personalized user experience.

Reviews & Ratings

Flipkart seems to encounter many positive reviews. 95% of users rely on positive reviews to learn more about the product and decide whether to buy it or not.

When it comes to e-commerce we have moved away from a user interface phase to a user experience juncture. When we speak about the front end interface, both Flipkart and Amazon seem to have a pretty adequate look and feel. However, in terms of purchasing, making the payment, selecting an item for wish-list is different for both of them.

Flipkart has a better checkout interface than Amazon. Whereas in terms of smooth accessibility of the website and a lesser number of glitches are associated with Amazon.




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