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Top 5 doubts that clients need to answer to a web designer
Top 5 doubts that clients need to answer to a web designer
By Admin

Web designing requires a creative mind that is tech-savvy and understands what the client is looking for. The web designer has a crucial role in bringing more traffic and revenue to the website. Numerous companies come up with elegant looking and user-friendly designs every day, making it quite tough to navigate through the job easily. To get our designs to stand out of all these tough competitors is truly an art.


To convince a client to get their work done perfectly as they desired or may be better off is the trickiest thing a web designer should do. Before designing a website, the client needs to be convinced about the quality of deliverables and the feasible conditions that a web designer can work on. To make a website it is important that communication is intact and clear.


Here are a few questions that the client needs to answer to a web designer before he begins his job:


  1. Why do you need a website?


It is important to know what exactly the website’s purpose is. Is it the perspective of using a web media to enhance their brand or for other purposes like marketing? A web designer cannot meet the unrealistic demands of the clients; hence the client needs to be precise and sticks to points that are workable. It is important for the client to answer this question to make the designer job easier. Some clients are just particular about getting a website done, as their competitors have one, but some need it for marketing as well as an e-commerce website.


  1. Explain all about your business or organization


A web designer needs to know exactly what the company is about, to work on their website. An insight into the details of the company gives an idea to work on the design. For example, a food industry cannot have the same design as a mechanical or any other stationary web designs. Every business has a philosophy and goals web designer needs to know what exactly the company want their customers to know about them or their business.


  1. What problems are solved by your business or organization?


Most of the business or organization perfect to focus on the projection of what they do in their business, rather than what exactly they help the people with. So the web designers need to know the major area of business that is done by the client. The website must contain how the client is going to help the prospective customer rather than providing other random details of their company. In a way, providing the customer with what they need from the client rather than what the client must showcase.


  1. What the client want the visitors to do on their website?


Web sites are of different kinds; some are just informational, some requires sign up, being confidential and user specific, while some others are more like an e-commerce website. Hence the client needs to be specific what exactly they want on their website before a designer proceeds to work on.


  1. What your client doesn’t want on the website?


It is easy to list out what someone doesn’t want rather than what they want. Space is precious, even in the World Wide Web. Adding only what the client wants to make the website lighter and perform better.


About the Author: ANAKHA is a Content Writer at Code9 Technologies, a Web design company in Cochin, Kerala. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading. She also works on some freelance marketplaces like Walk in Medical clinic Calgary.

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