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What Can Professional Web Designers Do That I Can’t??
What Can Professional Web Designers Do That I Can’t??
By Admin

We would like to start the blog with a very common question that many people ask themselves. What can professional web designers do that I can’t?  Now, many of them are asking and with all the tools, website advertising and templates these services the question is now more present than ever.


Today, the Internet is the most active and progressing place that has ever existed. Updates are made constantly, new technologies come out day-to-day, new innovators build new things every day and new trends seem to pop up out.


Besides that, you also want to deal with other apparently unrelated issues, but that can have a deep effect on your website future. You can create a good website that works really poorly with the search engines so that no-one can find you on Google or Bing. Without being able to inspect the code of your website from a web developer point of view, you will never realize what went wrong.


Compare the differences between a professional web designer and ours:


Corrections and Fixes


One of the first things is that a web designer will always grasp how to correct the issues that may incur. For eg, I had a user whose website was constantly hacked. Google had sent me a notification and was proceeding to start flagging the website if nothing was fixed. After inspecting the site, I realized that it was not the site, but his domain name that was hacked. So I corrected the issues and everything was fine.


This was an issue that could have caused real damage to the user. But if he didn’t have a designer, he would have never been able to resolve this and could have had his site flagged.


Designing with SEO in Mind




Having a good looking website is fine, but if it is not SEO friendly, the design could work oppose you. Relevant heading tags, bolds, font sizes, image tags, and original content, all play a role in SEO basics. The quality and quantity of links and layout of containers and images could also help you.




There are certain principles for website layouts. The parameters the structure must fit in, accessibility, functionality, visual aspects and source code validation are a few. Professional web designers aware of these topics and subsume them into their design. Without these, the site will not work properly across all formats, and also will not offer a good UI/UX for the users.






After the website is done completely, there is a certain amount of testing before issuing the site. The website must be tested for functionality, responsiveness and SEO optimization, It is also tested beyond different platforms, operating systems, browsers, and devices. These tests will show any problems that can easily be corrected by a professional.


These are only a few things that a professional designer is responsible for and works with on a day to day basis.


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