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10 YouTube Tips For Online Businesses in 2018
10 YouTube Tips For Online Businesses in 2018
By Admin

Haven’t you ever noticed that social media users are being hooked to videos of late? That’s the power
of engaging content that YouTube videos create. Businesses have understood the importance of
having engaging YouTube videos to promote their brand. It could be advertisements or YouTube
demonstrations on how to use a product. It could even be a review or a story related to your product.
Whatever be the reason, YouTube videos have definitely become one of the most powerful ways to
engage your audience. Here are 10 interesting tips you can use in 2018 while using YouTube videos
for your online business:



1. Use Hashtags



Hashtags are ruling the social media. Just make sure that you use some unique hashtags and relevant
ones to tag your business videos. That way, your videos and content will be more visible to the
audience as they search for the topic.



2. Create unique and engaging content






If you ask anyone about online content, they will ask you to be unique. It is important to have unique
content on YouTube to engage your leads and customers. Copied or plagiarized content will only land
you in trouble. So make sure that you spend ample time on ideation and crafting unique and engaging
YouTube content. It could be general videos, DIY or promotions, make sure it engages your audience.



3. Use YouTube SEO



If you thought SEO was only for long-form text content, it’s time you learned about YouTube SEO. If
you want your videos to appear during searches, make sure you write very long descriptions of the
video. There you can include the SEO keywords. Also make sure that you check for video keywords
and include them. Encourage your users to subscribe and share your videos. Online communities also
help with YouTube ranking.



4. Localize the Content



Did you know that YouTube videos can be navigated in 76 languages? Content is best understood
when localized. Latest technologies let you localize your content quite easily. Your YouTube videos
can be subtitled and dubbed in 76 languages to localize them which will help you reach out far wider.



5. Immersive 360 0 views



Immersive 360 0 views let you experience the content rather than just enjoying it. Virtual Reality and
360 0 views have changed the way people watch videos. Sports, documentaries, travel videos and
musical videos are using this technology to engage the audience even more because of the unique
experience it offers.



6. Live Streaming Videos






Live-streaming has already become quite popular, thanks to Facebook. It is already proven that live
videos can engage more people. YouTube also lets you go live, if you have 1000+ subscribers. You
can build your audience and then go live to build some more.



7. Offer exclusives and bonuses



One of the best ways to engage your customers with YouTube videos is to offer special discounts and
rewards for subscribers. This way, your subscription will increase and it will boost your overall
revenue too.



8. KISS – Keep It Simple & Short



Don’t complicate the videos. Animations, videos and stop-motion videos are all great ways to engage
your potential audience. Though the making process is complicated, animations are the simplest form
of content people can relate to.



9. Share them on your social media networks



Your social media networks are the best ways to promote your videos. More than a million videos are
posted on Facebook every day. If your video is outstanding, it will attract a large audience who will
share them further.



10. Encourage the audience to share it






Offer special rewards to your audience who share your videos. That way, your videos will reach their
contacts and then it is similarly passed on to many layers of friends and relatives.



YouTube has a billion viewers every hour. Many millions of videos, images and messages are posted
on popular social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. If you create engaging and attractive
YouTube videos, you can boost your audience to share to earn special rewards scheme. You can add
SEO to rank your videos better. Unique and quality content in the video format will definitely fetch
more audience. Direct them to your online business with links and you can boost your online business

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