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The Role of Decorative Animations in Web & UI Design
The Role of Decorative Animations in Web & UI Design
By Admin

One of the major requirements of any web design is User Engagement. Till recently catchy captions and captivating images were used extensively to capture user’s attention. Moving pictures and animations keep the users engaged for longer. This helps to retain their attention for longer which helps increase their engagement and the SEO rank. While movies or original videos can be heavier in terms of budget and content, animations are more creative. Animations let you explore many aspects of thoughts that are difficult to create originally.


Here’s what animations do to your web and UI design:


Animations are attractive




More than still images, animations attract attention. When you add animations on your web & UI design, they are bound to attract more people, for longer time than a still image. Retaining the users longer is vital to capturing their attention and then engaging them further to convert their interest into sales. This also improves your SEO rank, pushing it higher on the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. Animations function like lead magnets, attracting user-attention and retaining them for longer on the website.


Animations engage users


Animations add an element of engagement for users. What the text and graphic content fail to do on a normal webpage, animations can achieve it faster and more effectively. Writing engaging content is quite challenging. Day by day, users’ attention span is getting lower, which challenges the web developers to come up with short and effective content that engage users. Animations can tell stories and explain what your website is all about quite efficiently. It can also be based on content that your users prefer or like, rather than information.


Animations are self-explanatory


Explaining the navigation or functionality of the page can be challenging through words or images. creating how-to videos may not always be as effective as creating animations. These are like the next level of infographics that help explain matters in a much lighter and effective way than images. Attractive, engaging and informative animations help you get better attention on social media too. They are shared on popular social media networks extensively which helps you gain better visibility.


Animations are decorative


Decorative animations are like the decorative LED lights you see being put up in front of stores and restaurants. They attract attention without fail. Similarly, decorative animations will assure user- attention even to an otherwise dull message. Animations light up the mood and hence can be used to convey messages quite efficiently, demanding the attention they deserve.


Animations tell stories


Animations are the most effective way to tell stories. Children are supposed to have the lowest attention span. Animations capture their attention quickly and keep them engaged for hours together. Similarly, businesses can use animations to tell stories. Brand stories, customer stories, success stories, how-to videos, growth stories and more can be created and shared on the website and on social media to gain more visibility.


Decorative Animations




Decorative animations convey some lighter messages to users. They are intended to capture user- attention and retain them longer on the website. Original and creative decorative animation can prove to win over more leads and conversions. It is important to make sure that the animations are on the lighter side, not to overload the webpage. Also, make sure that they are not distracting your users unnecessarily. An optimal use of animations on web and UI will definitely boost your user engagement on site. Attractive and sharable animations will also gain you better visibility on social media networks.


Businesses use animations on their webpage for one of the above purposes. They serve the purpose of capturing user-attention and retaining them for longer run. They are also shared widely on social media networks, turning attractive animations into lead magnets. If you are in the creative business, animations help you to showcase your creativity in the most effective way. They help your clients gain from motion graphics without having to depend upon celebrities or human endorsements. Outstanding animations not only gain you user attention, also gain you rich leads. From micro- interactions to explainer videos, animations offer a unique, attractive, and easily understandable
solution to businesses for their websites.

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