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5 Biggest Mistakes that every social media specialist should avoid
5 Biggest Mistakes that every social media specialist should avoid
By Admin

Social media networks are powerful marketplaces that can make or break a brand. Because it reaches out to a large number of like-minded people if well-targeted, even the smallest mistake can cost you in the same magnitude! That’s why social media specialists need to be reasonably careful about handling social media updates. It is not only about what to post when to post and where to post content, it is also about how to present it and more nuances to take care about. Here are 10 biggest mistakes every social media specialist should avoid:


Work without a detailed Social Media Strategy




If you thought strategies are only for project management and marketing, it is time to do a reality check! Social media handles need to be well-charted out with Plans B & C since they need to be crisp, current and contextual. Keep at least a week’s ideas ready to roll out, if you are planning daily updates in social media.


Too Casual Approach


While the millennial generation prefers to take things ‘cool’, social media handles need to be considered seriously. You are handling a brand’s image and the slightest mistake on your part would send its existing image plummeting.


Spend wisely




When you have been allotted a budget for social media handles, it is advisable to earn the brownie points where it really matters. Likes should not be your target. Instead, reaching out to a larger, targeted audience should matter. Spend on social media marketing wisely. Invest in exemplary content and target the right audience.


Spread Across different media


It is important to understand that the target audience may be using different types of social media. Some use twitter, some others love facebook. If your brand deals with businesses and professionals, check out LinkedIn. Instagram and snap chat to is popular social media marketplaces. Spread across all these places depending on your brand’s requirements.


Be discreet about your posts




When you are addressing a large number of people, you need to be careful about what you say, when you say it and how you say! Your personal views must not mix with the brand’s public opinion. One wrong word from your side could be fatal to your online existence.


About the Author: MANJU  is a Content Writer at Code9. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading, 3D printing techniques and writing non-tech articles.



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