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The Role of Harthal / Strike in  Kerala  / India
The Role of Harthal / Strike in Kerala / India
By Admin

Is Harthal a right way to protest?

Will a Harthal solve the problem Cause?

Will Harthal Reduces Commodity prices, Corruptions?


In today’s we world these questions usually arises in common man’s mind while a strike is declared by a political party (especially opposition political parties) or by a community. A Big “NO“ To protect the answer to all questions mentioned above. Harthal / strikes were holy things before independence and now we are free Indians. So this type of protest by damaging public assets will ruin our economy. Some people who are even educated are declaring Harthal only for their personal wealth Acto protect

ourselves from these atrocities people should not remain at home on ‘Hartal’ days. Power should be given to the public to arrest anyone who is damaging a public property or attacking anybody in the streets. Common Man should get united much more and try to get more support from authorities to protest against Hartal

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