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Tips for starting a  youtube channel
Tips for starting a youtube channel
By Admin

YouTube is one of the most trending options to grow your brand, your business, and basically your virtual dream of making money online!  You Tube is the favorite entertainment and information spot for over 2 billion video lovers. Plus, you get to see over 80 languages at any time you need! That’s why YouTube is the second most preferred search engine in the world today!

If you are trying to figure out how to play around with YouTube in ‘the right way’, here are some beginner tips that are must-have actionable techniques for every You Tuber.

Gotta dream? Then define it!

Choose the subject that you are an expert in or something that you would like to share with the world. You Tube videos that cater to a specific subject draw in more attention than one channel that has many eggs in its basket. So, choose which topic or niche you would like to concentrate on in life.

Make sure that your video topics are:

  1. Interesting to the audience
  2. Relatable to the viewer
  3. Easy and simple to grasp
  4. Useful to the viewers

Filter your target out

Only once you have content that your target is looking for, then it will become easier for them to spot you. YouTube will also take steps to match the viewer’s interests with the videos that provide answers for the same. If you list down the questions, you will not have a shortage of topics for your videos.

Love your competitors

You need to watch the world around you, ask for suggestions and feedback from your viewers, friends, and even random people. Network and get to know the various possibilities on how to expand your video styles in the most budget-friendly manner.

Super smart creators go an extra mile to just watch competitor videos, check on their subscribers, and also analyze what they like. You can do a study and find answers to certain questions:

  • Which videos did people really like a lot?
  • How often do they engage with their subscribers?
  • How do they handle the ugly negative side of a reaction of comment from a viewer?
  • Their editing style, camera choice, background choice (ambiance for the video)

Make the scare a breezy affair

You Tube is much more than just posting a video of your choice. You need to study how to shoot a video, whether it would be shot on a mobile or a camera, the title to be used, the description to be used and also the insertion of the right keywords in the content.

You Tubers are not perfect from the start, but all make an attempt to learn how to make their video better each time. You too must learn the fine strings.

Work on that Channel

From the basic things like the logo, the color combinations, the topic of the video, the links provided, you need to pay attention to all of it!  Plus, you need to engage and interact with your viewer crowd.

The logo should be different and strike among the videos that stream out into anyone’s feed. Make sure that your account is verified and give an attractive ‘About’ section of your channel. People need to know who you are and what the channel primarily deals with.

Let Creative Juice flow

Creativity is loved by all, isn’t it? There are so many You Tubers who may provide videos on how to work out attractive trick shots, but those who have seen the channel Dude Perfect – would have noticed how they showcase their talent.

These freaking cool guys are wacky, hilarious, and yet pamper the audience with so many innovative trick shots. Each shot is carefully calculated and performed along with a dollop of humor. That helped them rise from the humble settings to the million-dollar ground that they perform their shots today.

That exactly proves that creativity can go a long way!

Spice up & promote the identity

Make your content as compelling as possible. Even if you have content ready for the target audience, it needs to be laid out for them. So, make your display pictures as stunning as possible. Rework, research, ask for suggestions from your audience and even your team members and friends.

Stay Connected

Connections are the true game-changer in this social media gamble! If you aspire to get on the trending list of YouTube videos, you need to spend time with your followers and subscribers. For this, stay connected!

Add in your email id, your other social media platforms, message them, reply to their comments, and be nice to all. In your About section, be an open book, and allow them to contact and ask you any queries that they would like to discuss. You never know, this may present to be a great opportunity for you as a YouTube Influencer.

Consistent and Be Real

Don’t expect to open a land mine of likes, and followers overnight. You need to work, sincerely and steadily. Few things that need to stay in your plans are:

  • The content post pattern: You need to follow a consistent pattern of posting your videos. If it is weekly, then do so. Your post twice a week or twice a month, then that too is fine.  Don’t keep jumping on your posting schedule as per your moods. People on the other side of the screen are expecting you to post at a certain time, so live up to their expectations.
  • Realistic goals: Don’t commit to a schedule that wears you out completely. If you cannot post every day, then work on something that can be done per week. At the end of the day, you need quality video, so don’t rush work, for the heck of it!
  • Regular posts: Did you know that regular posts have occupied a sweet spot in the You Tube search ranking algorithm? Oh yes, it has. So, if you post about 1-3 per week, YouTube won’t fail to push your videos to the trending bandwagon.

Build a Charismatic Identity

Every video is a reflection is the maker behind the scenes. So, you decide how charming, and how addictive your videos can get to the public. Videos should be of a standard nature that identifies with the personality of the channel.  Plus, you need to announce your schedules to the public. That way, they will all ready to watch the next new video posted.

Many vloggers today are able to succeed because they have gained affection from their followers.  Their charisma relates to the viewer and people love to even follow, mimic, and with a hidden touch, they become fans of these You tubers. So, gear up on your charisma.

How click-worthy is that video my love?

Picture yourself watching a video first. Obviously, you would have clicked on that specific video, due to any of these reasons:

  • Because the title caught your attention
  • Because this video was filtered and suggested on your feeds
  • Because you were on a wild content search for that specific topic
  • So, at the end of the day, if the video gives the viewer what they need, that YouTube video is super loved!!

Playlists are a must

You must have seen people posting playlists, and have you figured out why they bother doing this? It seems that on YouTube, playlists are most often chosen by its algorithm. Most of the time, people watch recommended videos that fall into their feeds.

But at times, if the playlist has roped in all the attention, you can be sure to secure a lot of watch time for your videos. So, that is why playlists are advantageous for a channel.  They boost the channel and videos watch the performance in the YouTube algorithm.

If you want to make a mark on You Tube, make sure to keep the above tips in mind, and of course, try it!!



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